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Married to Cain?

Timothy Valverde

March 1st, 2020

Pastor Sam wraps up this marriage series leaving in the heart of the church the concept that hope comes when we strengthen our relationship with God, our spouse and our family.

Things May Be More Serious

Samuel Valverde

February 23rd, 2020

Pastor Sam defines and presents three “small foxes” that creep into marriages and destroy trust, respect and care in relationships.

Stay Alert. Be Persistent.

Timothy Valverde

February 9th, 2020

The final sermon of the Armed & Ready series, Pastor Tim Valverde encouraged us to complete the armor of God with PRAYER according to Ephesians 6:18. Not only prayer but persistent prayer. When you are walking in the full armor of God it brings confidence. Confidence is the key to moving forward as the enemy strategizes.

Shoes and Shield

Samuel Valverde

January 26th, 2020

In this message Pastor Sam gives 6 encouraging points that strengthen the church for battle. Specifically, he applies the principles taken from the sandals and the shield.

Stand Firm

Samuel Valverde

January 19th, 2020

In this message Pastor Sam shares the importance of standing firm not only against the principalities and powers of darkness, but against the evil one himself. This message admonishes Christians to ensure they put on the whole armor of God between the point of salvation and glorification.

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