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COVID-19 Update

Covid-19 Update


COVID-19  Updated
September 26, 2020


Dear Fountain of Truth Members:
After prayerful and thoughtful consideration, Fountain of Truth Church  will be re-opening our 9am English and 1pm Spanish (Please note time change for Spanish service)  Sunday services beginning Sunday, October 4, 2020.  Please be on the look out for information on how to register for our Sunday in-person worship services. This is only to allow staff and volunteers to better serve you.

A Glance at the Past
In March of 2020 received the news of a global pandemic that has since affected every area of our lives. At that time, federal, state local leaders along with the expertise of the medical community worked tirelessly to keep us safe. They ordered a lock-down, social distancing, wearing of masks and other measures to keep the population safe. The initial goal was for everyone to help flatten the curve for two weeks in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Part of those protocols were to close down businesses, recreation events, including indoor church services. We appreciate our medical and governmental authorities for their concern. At one point, (June), churches were allowed to re-open, but within a few weeks we were asked to close down again. We were also mandated by the state to abstain from singing and chanting during indoor services.

During this time, Fountain of Truth made every effort to comply with social distancing, wearing masks, sanitizing areas of our building before and after every service and taking the temperature of attendees. We also provided online services, children’s services, small group meetings and other virtual events in order for our congregation to continue to receive spiritual nourishment. (My appreciation to the staff for working fervently to make this happen.) We also held a 21-day prayer campaign in June, and a 21-day fasting campaign in August. FTCA and FTBI continue to function online.

A Look at the Present
By the end of September, we will have celebrated three beautiful outdoor services. (Again, my heart-felt appreciation to all who work hard to plan, set up and break down; sometimes working over 16 hours to set-up for one service – thank you!) Although these outdoor services are enjoyable, the expense, effort and now the change of summer to fall weather has prompted us to reconsider opening indoor services.

Moving Forward
Many, many churches in California have cited the biblical instructions (Hebrews 10:25), the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights in order to continue celebrating indoor services including singing and praising God, in spite of the governor’s mandate. Some churches have even filed lawsuits in order to protect these rights. Although the verdict is still out on these cases, we will also now exercise the option of celebrating services. A MAJOR MOTIVATING FACTOR for making this decision are the spiritual consequences being felt and seen in many of our members and their families. Quite frankly, I am genuinely concerned that we become comfortable with not congregating. Online services have their place during the pandemic (and will continue to be useful and effective after the pandemic), but stated simple…we need church!

I respect member’s personal decisions to remain at home in lock-down for concern for the virus; however, many members are ready and hungry to return and praise the Lord together.  We will continue to follow all health protocols set forth for the reopening in June. We also ask for  all to abstain from attending if there are any flu-like symptoms present, fever or if there has  been  contact with someone who has the virus.

“O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together.” Psalms 34:3

Pastor Sam Valverde and Lead Pastors  

Fountain of Truth Global.